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Goddesses Support Goddesses | Working with Jameson’s Journeys

Updated: Nov 12, 2021

What is a Goddess? She is the source of divine feminine energy. She lifts up her sisters and she illuminates light out across the universe. She masters the balance of light and shadow. She longs for the moon the same way she longs for the sun. She manifests her own destiny.

When it comes to lifelong friendships, art, and the transformations of adulthood, there is one Goddess that comes to my mind. It is my dear friend, Payton Jameson. Payton and I grew up together in a small community in Central Illinois. Our childhood was often filled with music, art, creative skits, and a lot of Studio Ghibli movies. We journeyed through our pre-teen years together, both living in low-income households in a conservative Christian based community. As we slowly grew into young women, we were often pitted against each other by members of our community and friends. As the struggles of adolescence weighed down on us, our friendship diminished.

Payton and I circa 2010

While our friendship was gone we still were around each other often, sharing similar interests in school and similar class schedules. That was a very confusing time for both of us. We had been raised in homes that lacked emotional communication and weren’t able to come to terms with one another until graduation. In college, our friendship was reignited and I truly believe that our spirit guides brought us back to each other to go through this next phase together. I remember that summer day fondly, two old friends reconnecting, spending time in nature, and laughing about our small town experiences.

A great day spent in nature 2018

We still communicate on a weekly to almost daily basis now in our adult lives. Last year in August of 2020, Payton came to me and asked if I would like to create her logo for her travel blog, “Jameson’s Journeys”. I had no idea that creating this logo with her would bring me closer to my dharma and what I wanted to do with my life, but it did. We got to work on figuring out what the meaning of Jameson’s Journeys is and started on her custom color palette.

Creating a custom color palette is essential to finding the brand of your business. There were some ups and downs in this process, but together we were able to narrow down what colors best embodied her business. From there, we began to work on her logo and the symbolism of it.

We went from two quiet girls who had always been told who they would be to two independent goddesses, illuminating their light, and supporting each other.

I am happy to say that a year later, Jameson’s Journeys is flourishing and I am always happy to see the logo pop up on my social media feeds. If you read my previous blog post, you know that I talked a bit about making connections. An important part of reaching success is building authentic and holistic connections with others. When you are offering up a product, a service, or content, think of it as a partnership with your clients or your audience.

The more authenticity you put into your business, the more it will flourish. Don’t be afraid to make human connections with others. Our choices really have ripple effects that echo back to us through the years. Keep that in mind the next time you work with someone. It could change your life.

Check out Jameson's Journeys Blog Post about our collaboration here.

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